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VILEBREQUIN arrives at Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

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Written and Photographed by Evan Freeman, Translated by Mami Yamazaki


The Saint-Tropez based ultra-luxury beach wear clothing label that has become the go to swim wear for celebrities both on and off the big screen including George Clooney, Jay-Z, and all the rest of A-listers, whom have at least one pair of this recently popular brand.



Except it is not exactly recent. Vilebrequin has been a hit from its beginning in 1971 Saint-Tropez, a time when beach culture was just really taking off and all that was available to men in terms of swim wear was short, tight, and uniform. Vilebrequin (French for crankshaft) was the rock and roll alternative to prevalent trend and indeed it caught on quickly.


IMGresizevestThe first pair of shorts where cut out of a table cloth in St. Tropez but it wasn’t long before it became the de jure swim wear for the French elite as a way to distinguish them from the common class. The common swimming suits, with simple colors and tight short designs regimented by the bureaucracy that regulated public swimming pools in France was the mainstay of France, Vilebrequin swim wear was a way of saying “I have access to a private pool”.



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Vilebrequin is still very much an elite brand. One that goes out of the way to perfect the art of the swimsuit with beautifully vivid designs that are not found anywhere else. The father-son and mother-daughter line are very cute, but by themselves these designs are cool, George Clooney cool.


Vilebrequin Waikiki

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Building B
Level 1, B-114