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和食でほっと一息 / Relieved by eating Japanese food

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海外に来るとどうしても日本食が恋しくなる。そういった方も少なくはないのでは?日本の職人が握る寿司、懐石料理、煮魚や酢の物など、普段ハワイで生活しているとなかなか出会えないホッとできる日本食がここ“Gokoku Sushi”で味わえる。閑静な高級住宅街のHawaii Kaiにあるココマリーナショッピングセンターに位置しており、目の前はヨットハーバー。美しいサンセットも臨める。


Have you ever been outside of Japan and felt absolutely desperate for good Japanese food? With many diverse flavors and its general healthiness, it is no wonder that Japanese food is thriving around the world. The Japanese restaurant “Gokoku Sushi”, serves Sushi, Tempura, Kaiseki and the comfort foods of Japan such as pickled vegetables and boiled fish which are rare to find served even in Hawaii with its abundance of Japanese restaurants.


The chefs serve you in front of your counter seat.



The sea side location offers a beautiful sunset view over the yacht harbor at the Koko Mariana Shopping Center in Hawaii Kai. The upcoming launch of a new, affordably priced, casual menu starting from November 1st will feature “One Bite PUPU Trio”($5.50), Shuto (fresh salted and fermented bonito stomach) with Sashimi, rich and fine Egg Yolk Miso Zuke and Uzaku Tofu (Unagi with pickled cucumber and Cream Cheese Tofu) , the menu will change monthly. I can’t wait to stop by even for next month’s Pupus.



“Momiji” ($29.95) is a Kago Kaiseki, which has six dishes, Tempura (Kisu or Sillago, Eggplant and Pumpkin) Monchong Sakamushi (Sake Steamed Monchong fish), Ahi Poke, Seafood Yosenabe (A Japanese style hot pot with Shrimp, Shimeji Mushroom, Tofu and Vegetables) and Unagi rice. They also have Japanese sake, Kubota, which is popular for local people, to go with their food. Nigori Sake Sampler has three types of flavor; Coffee, Lychee and White Peach. You can relish them as a dessert drink. Far away from bustling atmosphere in Waikiki, you can have chill and enjoyable moment.


Store info: Gokoku Sushi