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The Hawaii Regional Cuisine Part 1- The Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

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By Evan Freeman, Translation: Mami Yamazaki, Photos by Evan Freeman & Mami Yamazaki.

The Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is the premier annual culinary event of the Islands, perhaps even the pacific, and a must experience for die-hard foodies. Created by celebrated Chefs/Restaurateurs Roy Yamaguchi and Alan Wong; the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival featured 96 revered chefs from Hawaii and around the world, including multiple Michelin Star holders, Iron Chef contenders, and other awardees making this an incredibly well rounded group.



Many of the dishes featured Atlantic lobster, a delicious creature that I am quite fond    of, other tasty creatures that were featured in the meals included local beef and prawns,   numerous fresh fish, foie gras, and lamb. All were prepared excellently with the expertise you would expect from fine dining chefs.

ローカルビーフや、エビ、新鮮な魚やフォアグラ、ラムなど高級食材をふんだんに使った料   理が並び、特に今回アトランティックロブスターを起用する料理が多かった。食材を知り尽く   したシェフたちが、期待を裏切らない最高の一皿をそれぞれ作り上げた。

IMG_3634smallLobster over corn risotto by Chef Chai in the Hawaiian Airlines booth was an incredible dish that did not fail to impress after multiple servings. His devotion to regional cuisine and his fame both as a restaurateur (Singha Thai Cuisine/Chef Chai at Pacifica Honolulu), and as a local food celebrity (on KFVE-5 and KGMB 9) + executive chef for Hawaiian Airlines have been an impressing and most deserved result of his talent. (www.chefchai.com)

ハワイアン航空のブースのシェフ・チャイが創作したコーンリゾットのロブスター添えは、一通り他の料理を堪能した後でも驚くほど美味しかった。彼のリージョナルキュイジーヌに対する深い愛情とレストラン(シンハ―タイキュイジーヌ/シェフ・チャイ アット パシフィカ ホノルル)経営者として、ローカルTVのフードセレブとして、ハワイアン航空のエグゼクティブシェフとしての名声は本当に驚くばかりで、彼の才能の結果の賜物といえよう。(www.chefchai.com)



Another Incredible display of culinary ability was by Master Chef Martin Yan. His prestige as a host of over 3000 cooking shows and a celebrated food author. His two restaurants M.Y. China and M.Y. Noodles located in San Francisco feature a modern         take on authentic Chinese cuisine. His har gow (Shrimp Dumpling, shown top right) was an amazingly crispy on the outside and perfectly juicy on the inside. Topped off with some caviar and a side of lobster it was a delectable savory experience. The shumai (dumpling, shown top left) was also sensational with a sweet chili sauce on the inside and a gorgeous creamy inside. They are both melt-in-your mouth delicious!

その他印象に残ったカリナリ―として、マスターシェフのマーティンヤン氏だ。セレブフード作家として、また3000件を超える料理番組でのホストを務め、広く称賛を得ている。彼のレストラン、M.Y. チャイナ と M.Y. ヌードルズはサンフランシスコにあり、モダンな正統派チャイニーズキュイジーヌを取り入れている。彼の蒸餃子(エビ蒸餃子、写真右上)は外は驚くほどカリカリしているが、中はジューシーなのだ。トッピングにキャビアを乗せて、サイドにはロブスターと、消し去ることのできない、記念の一皿になった。焼売(左上)はこれまた刺激的でサイドにはスイートチリ、中はクリーミー。いずれも口の中でとろける美味しさ!

Part 2 coming soon!