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「”19th & Whimsy”の新作ドレスは2wayで、チューブトップワンピにしても、ロングスカートにしても楽しめます。シフォン生地で女子力も高く、着心地もさらっとしてます。」裏地はスパンコール生地なので、光の反射でキラキラするので、肌を明るく見せる効果もあり。派手すぎず、シックに着こなせるこのアイテムは普段使いからフォーマルなお出かけにもぴったり


Colors; White, Black, Rock Candy

「その他、ホールフーズマーケットのエコバックデザインでお馴染みのアーティスト、ローレン・ロスの新作クラッチや、オリジナル Tシャツ根強い人気でメンズサイズも揃えました。」シンプルなデザインなので、お土産にも喜ばれるかも。ここでしか入手できないアイテムを是非手に取ってみてはいかが。


Fashion boutique, “Lilly and Emma”, named after two sisters, opened in Waikiki last year by one of the sisters, Lilly. They named the boutique after their namesakes, Queen Liliuokalani and Queen Emma. Inside their shop we feel like we’re in their chic and pretty wardrobe. They have various goods such as original bags, T-shirts, Local designers’ accessories, trend LA goods and more.

We asked for their recommendations for this autumn, Momoko, the manager of the store suggested we have a look at the new dresses by the local brand, “19th & Whimsy”. The 19th & Whimsy dresses’ fabric is chiffon with sparkling sequined lining cloth projects femininity. It’s not only cute design but also easy-to-wear. It’s a two way, so you can wear it as a long skirt or a tube top one-piece. While not flashy, their casual chic styles can match both for daily and formal occasions.


“Also, we have the newest clutches of local designer, Lauren Roth. You might know her as the graphic designer of Whole Foods. In addition, our original T shirts have been popular since we opened, so we recently brought in men’s sizes as well.” said Momoko. It’s a good purchase for a gift as their designs are simple and fun. It’s worth coming by to see their exclusive items.