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Not Just a Souvenir; Say Hello to a Real Hawaiian Shirt

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My Only HAWAII本誌では、約30年に渡り伝統的な製法を守り続ける<シグ・ゼーン>を紹介。日本でも一部「ビームス」などでも取り扱われている彼らのシャツは全て手作り。伝統的な「オヘカバラ」と呼ばれる竹のスタンプで判を押して模様をつけるものあるそう。そうした意匠もハワイの歴史やネイティブカルチャーの意味が込められていると言うから奥が深い。

そんな<シグ・ゼーン>の魅力を知りたい方は是非、My Only HAWAII本誌を手に取ってみて!

Hawaiian shirts have been established as the uniform of a tourist, but this island creation is much more. One such atelier continues to produce dignified garments, as it has for years.

My Only Hawaii magazine presents: Sig Zane: Over Thirty Years of Tradition. Available for purchase at some Beams stores in Japan, all shirts are handmade, and some patterns are applied using a bamboo stamp known as ohekabara. Each design carries a profound message of Hawaiian history and native culture.

 To learn more, pick up the latest issue of My Only Hawaii!