Home Food & Drink 虹色のハワイ限定のアロハカップケーキが登場/ Rainbow Aloha Cupcake, exclusive only in Hawaii

虹色のハワイ限定のアロハカップケーキが登場/ Rainbow Aloha Cupcake, exclusive only in Hawaii

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Eri Shiraishi


Magnolia Bakery first opened in  New York City in 1996, and they have become renowned for their American baked goods and comfy, warm atmosphere. Magnolia Bakery has variety of freshly baked desserts, including cupcakes, cakes, cheesecakes, pies, icebox desserts and banana pudding. Their new Magnolia Bakery cafe location in Ala Moana Ewa Wing, has a nice spacious dining area with a fresh New York Interior.


The cafe menu features Magnolia’s signature ‘Nolia Pie; a freshly baked delicious open tart pie with juicy fillings and a crusty shell, Magnolia Bakery French Toast; a grilled buttery brioche soaked with egg custard, and many other dishes great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For drinks, you can enjoy a cup of relaxing Peet’s Coffee and refreshingly fruity Mocktails.



Magnolia bakery makes exclusive cupcakes for each location such as maccha cupcakes in Japan. Here in Hawaii, they have created the Aloha Cupcake, a fluffy and moist lilikoi cupcake filled with deliciously creamy haupia center, topped with their unique signature swirl of sweet rainbow buttercream meringue .



They also host a cupcake decorating class, where you get to learn and decorate your own magnolia cupcakes. The instructor will show you how to prepare and swirl the meringue onto the cupcake.  Then you will be able to make your own magnolia signature swirl and decorate them with sprinkles. My cupcake did not come out beautiful nor perfect, but the taste was still delicious and I was satisfied. The class is only available through reservations with minimum of 6 participants but they plan on holding classes for public in the future.