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The Nook, A perfect place to eat.

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Written by Evan Freeman, Translated by Eri Shiraishi

Since 2014 The nook, co-owned by Anicea Campanale and Hailey Berkey, has continuously been recognized as a great addition to the Honolulu food scene with awards such as the Critic’s Choice I’lima Award for Best Casual Restaurant in 2015, as well as the Hawaii Green Business Award presented by Governor Ige.

2014以来、Anicea CampanaleとHailey Berkeyの「The Nook」はホノルルの食の情景に大きなプラスだと承認され、クリティックス・チョイス、I’lima 2015年のベストカジュアルレストラン賞、ならびに知事イゲによって提示されたハワイグリーンビジネス賞が表彰されています。


We stopped by to grab a quick lunch and were pleasantly surprised how lively it was. With plenty of people but a few open seats outside it was an easy place to grab a relaxing lunch.

私たちが軽いランチに立ち寄った時、とても活発だったことが驚きでした。 たくさん人がいましたが、外にいくつかのオープン席があり、簡単にリラックスして昼食をとれる場所でした。

Prices ranged from $11-16 with most dishes in the $14 range, not cheap but well worth it in terms of ingredients.



Their selection of tea is exciting, with some pretty interesting blends that are both delicious and healthy.




We ordered the Citrus Shrimp salad that was topped with some delicious grilled Kauai Shrimp and fresh mild Goat Cheese ($14).


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As well as the The Club which was a delicious jidori chicken sandwich with bacon ($13). Both were absolutely delicious!


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For tea, we ordered the Chai Me ($3) which is a Rooibos base, with star anise and cocao nobs. As well as the SexPot ($3) which is a green tea base with orange peel and elderflower. These can only be ordered hot but are delicious. They also have a Daily Iced Tea for $3 or you can order a pot of tea for $6.50.




We were very happy to get to try out The Nook and it really does live up to its I’lima Award as well as it being a great little spot to have lunch.

私たちはI’lima賞に恥じない昼食スポット、The Nookを試すことができて嬉しかったです。

The Nook is located at 1035 University Avenue, Dinner reservations may be required, parking is not free.

The Nookは、1035ユニバーシティー・アベニューに位置していて、夕食の予約が必要な場合があり、駐車場は有料です。