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野生のイルカを見に行く+船上BBQ+シュノーケル!/ Wild Dolphin Watch, BBQ and Snorkel

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The western coastline of Oahu is renowned for its striking and exotic beauty, so much so, that the rugged hills were prominently featured in the blockbuster film Jurassic World. The remarkable beauty is not just on land but also in the crystal clear waters just off-shore that is the home to a wide variety of sea life including large groups of fun loving spinner dolphins.


Dolphin Star is a top notch operation owned by the Star of Honolulu Group which operated a wide variety of ship and land based activities of exceptional quality and service. The ship itself is a two story catamaran with all of the comforts needed to make for a pleasant journey so the only thing you need to do is keep your eyes on the beautiful scenery and on the acrobatic spinner dolphins.

On our cruise we witnessed close to 60 spinner dolphins and at least two bottle nose dolphins. The gourmet burger bar was delicious, and we got to jump into the beautiful waters not far off from shore to have some snorkeling fun.


This activity is perfect for families or those who want all the comforts of being in a larger vessel, the fact that there are multiple life guards and plenty of fun chats with the staff means that you are guaranteed to be both very safe, and very happy.

We suggest you do the Dolphin Watch BBQ & Snorkel tour (Adults $133 Children $89 including transportation, Adults $111 Children $67 without transportation). That way you get to jump into the water while you are out there, of course non snorkeling tours are available too at a cheaper rate.

More details at; http://www.dolphin-star.com/