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Do It Yourself at Ward Warehouse/ ワードでハワイのモノづくり

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Ward Village has been continuing its expansion. No wonder it’s now one of the hottest locations for entertainment, condominiums with ocean views, and trendy stores. Recently we got to try out some of the new additions to ward and we really recommend the new DIY experiences at Ward Warehouse. It is great for an individual or groups of friends and family looking for something new and different then just shopping.

painting 1 painting

まずは”Chai Studio”でインディゴ染めに挑戦。今回はスカーフの染色。型をはめ込み、自分のオリジナルデザインが楽しめる。初心者の私には一体どんな形になるのか検討もつかない。しかし出来上がりが人によって全く異なるのがこの醍醐味。最近ハワイで流行っているウォールデコレーション用に藍染ドリームキャッチャー作りもトライできる。

painting 3

You can try Indigo dyeing at Chai Studio. Dyeing a scarf was great, you set the mold wherever you want and create your own original design. I didn’t plan out my design at all in the beginning, just went with the flow as this was my first time. It turned out to be a lot of fun which made me realize the joy of dyeing. You can also make an indigo dream catcher in the dyeing workshop.


“Clay Café”ではバブルアートでプレート作り。染料と洗剤を混ぜたものをストローでブクブクと空気を入れ込み、その泡でプレートをデザインするというもの。このお店はいつ覗いても子どもたちと楽しむ親子でいっぱい。子供たちのユニークな発想とデザインで家族の記念になる一枚を作成してみるのもいいかも。


All ages are welcome at Clay Café. We made a plate with bubble art. Blowing air through a straw into paint makes bubbles that create a unique and fun design pattern. The store’s always filled with children and a great way to spend a few hours doing arts and crafts without having to clean up afterwards if you did it at home. It also makes a great gift for the grandparents!


Angel Fish

伝統的なハワイのワークを受けたいのであれば、”Na Mea Hawaii”。今回はラウハラオーナメント作り。自然のものをそのまま活用してアートにしてしまう。無駄がなく、飽きのこないその素朴な美しさは、ハワイアン先祖代々から受け継ぐもの。その他ハワイ語、フェザーレイ、ハクレイメイキング等ハワイ伝統的なワークショップも提供。小腹がすいたら隣接の”Kahua Café”で一休み。

angel fish

If you’d like to try a more traditional Hawaiian workshop, Na Mea Hawaii is the one to go for. We tried weaving a Lauhala ornament for Christmas. It is great fun to make and learn about how Native Hawaiians keep sustaining their culture and art through the beauty of nature. They also offer Hawaii exclusive workshops such as Hawaiian language, feather lei making, Haku lei making and more. If you feel a bit peckish, take a break at adjoining Kahua Café.


Chocolate Brownie

今のハワイのトレンドはここから発信されると言っても過言ではない”Mori Art and Flea”。様々なアーティスト、デザイナー、ミュージシャン、ショップとコラボするイベントも多数。今回は彼ら主催の日曜にワードで行われる家族で楽しめるイベント”Sunday Funday Market”でも体験できる版画作り。オリジナルのポストカードが作れ、友達に送っても楽しい。


It’s not too much to say that “Mori Art and Flea” are a major trend setter in Hawaii.They’ve featured with many various local talented artists, designers, musicians and stores and have had many events and workshops. We got to try block printing and post card making, which you can also try at the family-friendly event “Sunday Funday Market” sponsored by them. It’s lovely to send your original postcard to your friend!

block 2block


Yes! Let’s challenge “DIY” and make it your own craft at Ward Warehouse.


DIY succulenent potting by Mori

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Chai Studio

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Na Mea Hawaii and Kahua Cafe

MORI Art and Flea